Organics Composting process

What is the Qld Organics Composting process?

All composting is conducted at our licensed composting sites using clean stream organic feedstocks of known origin.  Organics are heaped into windrows and regularly turned to maintain aerobic conditions to facilitate the growth of beneficial microbes.  The growth of these microbes generates heat which, when controlled results in product pasteurisation as outlined in Australian Standard 4454; Composts Soil Conditioners and Mulches.  Pasteurisation means the destruction of pathogens like Salmonella, E. Coli etc., fire ants, plant diseases and weeds seeds etc while retaining beneficial microbes.  This HACCP accredited process ensures weekly temperature monitoring and process finished product testing to ensure process control.

Bulk composts are typically composted for about 26 weeks to ensure full breakdown and nutrient availability.

What is the difference between organic fertilisers/ soil conditioners and traditional fertilisers?

Traditional fertilisers typically only deliver specific chemicals to the soils while ignoring the other aspects of soil health.

Queensland Organics organic fertilisers/ soil conditioners can deliver physical, chemical and microbial benefits summarised below.

Just as humans need a mixed diet, plants also require a range of nutrients and minerals for normal plant function and vitality.  Liebig law of the minimum states that “growth is dictated not by total resources available, but by the scarcest resource, or the limiting factor”.  Qld Organics products deliver a range of plant available nutrients that are required in the biochemical synthesis pathway.

Our products also provide high numbers and a diversity of beneficial microbes which are increasingly understood to enhance nutrient availability and plant absorption while helping in disease suppression.

The importance of replacing soil carbon cannot be understated, not only is a food source for microbes, it assists with improved soil texture and helps in moisture absorption and retention.

Please note that while the addition of organics will not deliver immediate results it will produce long term benefits.

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