Soil Health

How do Qld Organics deliver better soil health?

Soil Health considers the balance, stability and interaction of chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics impacting its ability for crop production.

Physical characteristics of soil consider the size and distribution of particles, which impact the movement of water and air and are described as soil texture or structure.

High level of organics in Queensland Organics fertilisers and composts help to reduce permeation in sandy soils while helping to disperse heavier clay soils.  The particles in our composts help to open the soil texture to allow infiltration and retention of moisture and air.

Chemical characteristics consider the nutrients and minerals held in the particles, organic matter or dissolved in retained water.  This is measured by a series of standard tests including pH, cation exchange (CEC), organic carbon, nitrogen (organic and mineral) and a range of nutrients, minerals etc.  When considering test results it is important to understand the difference between total nutrients and plant available nutrients. 

Queensland Organics fertilisers and composts contain a wide range of macro and micro nutrients which provide immediate and slow release nutrients.  Our products are characterised by high levels of carbon, CEC and plant available nutrients.

Biological characteristics consider the range of organisms living in the soils and their main food source – soil organic matter.  These include bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insects and earthworms etc.  While some of these organisms may be harmful to plants, most are essential for healthy plant growth and disease suppression.

Queensland Organics fertilisers and composts are a rich source of beneficial microbes and organic soil carbon.  Our composting process ensures the destruction of harmful microbes while our range of inputs ensures ample diversity.  The high levels of organic carbon in our products provides an ongoing food source for continued growth.

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