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Quality Organic Fertilisers

Qld Organics' range of high-quality organic fertilisers are used right across Australia on organic farms, vineyards, and award winning public and private gardens.

Blood & Bone

A longstanding staple product used by domestic and professional gardeners alike, blood and bone is a highly effective natural fertiliser for your entire garden.

Natural Gypsum

Natural gypsum is the best way to add calcium to tightly packed soils to break up the clay, making it easier to dig and more receptive to crop roots and moisture..

Organic Booster

If you want to create and maintain a lush green lawn, eat from a bountiful vegie patch, and enjoy healthy rose bushes and strong trees, Organic Booster is the right product for you. Read more.

Organic Xtra

Organic Xtra is a premium blend of the best effective organic fertilisers to give extra oomph to your garden. Read more.


Eco88s is a quality, balanced fertiliser with all the trace elements you need for a lush lawn and bountiful plants. Read more.

Quality domestic and commercial organic fertilisers

Qld Organics is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of quality domestic and commercial organic fertilisers.  Our range of organic fertilisers and soil conditioners is manufactured from locally sourced ingredients and packaged at our production facility located in the northern Brisbane suburb of Narangba.

Quality is our priority

The quality of our products takes first priority. We don’t take shortcuts and our range of organic fertilisers and soil conditioners do what we say they will do. The use of organic on our labels guarantees that they don’t contain any added inorganic elements.

Every batch

  • of compost is lab tested for pathogens before processing
  • is screened to ensure uniform pellet size for easy spreading and minimal waste
  • meets the strict food safety standards used by major supermarket suppliers
  • of our natural products are certified for organic production by Australian Certified Organics (ACO)


If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our products, we will refund the purchase price, or replace the product. If you have any questions you are welcome to call us on (07) 3203 1379 during business hours.

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