Queensland Organics

An Australian manufacturer of commercial quality fertilisers and soil conditioners supplied by local distributors. Proactively sourcing local materials, our range of products are manufactured or packed at our production facility in the northern Brisbane suburb of Narangba or dispatched in bulk from processing site.

Quality is our priority

Our raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers and we only use clean organic feedstocks. Our compost process ensures safe, quality, fit for purpose products that deliver every time. Every batch of compost is lab tested for pathogens before processing. Our fertilisers are screened to ensure uniform pellet size for easy spreading and minimal waste, meeting the strict food safety standards used in major supermarket suppliers. 

Popular Qld Organics Fertilisers

Organic Booster use it to add carbon, microbiology, immediate and slow release nutrients for enhanced soil health for greater plant performance, resilience and sustainability.

Organic Xtra is a premium organic fertiliser, with added fish meal, blood and bone, kelp and sulphate of potash for additional nutrients, minerals and broader microbial spectrum delivering superior performance.

Silica Booster All the benefits of an organic fertiliser together with added plant available silica for enhanced plant nutrient uptake, stronger plant cells while buffering environmental extremes allowing increased plant resilience.

DiataGrow Silica Compost Fully composted clean stream organics with added plant available silica. Ideal ameliorant for added carbon, microbiology, and texture to feed hungry crops, boost soils or build environmental resilience.