What Our Clients Say About Our Products

I have been using Organic Xtra exclusively on my garden for many years, and the results speak for themselves.” Starting on a quarter acre property in Sunnybank Queensland, Dennis Hindscheidt began his improvements on the land, bringing in good soil for the basis of his plant growth. Starting with a canopy of palms, gradually developing the tropical undergrowth and landscaping a swimming pool area, Dennis grew his garden in to a tropical oasis. 10 years later he was able to buy the plot next door and eventually a third block added to the size of Dennis’ garden and landscaping. Dennis Hundscheidt’s tropical garden has won accolades such as “Best Tropical Garden in Australia” and is open to public at certain times of the year. The garden includes so many amazing features, some of which include, a series of garden rooms, water features, heliconias, gingers, frangipani’s, Cordylines, Bromeliads, Clumping Bamboos and a Balinese Pavilion to overlook and enjoy the garden. Dennis Hundscheidt has been using Organic Xtra exclusively in his garden for many years and so is the perfect advocate for our products – you can see that clearly in the beautiful images of Dennis’ Garden. When asked about his love of gardening and the importance of fertiliser choice Dennis told us, “I use Organic Xtra on all my tropical plants to encourage strong healthy growth. It is especially useful in promoting the blooming of my gingers and heliconias. The fact that it is organic I know that it is going to be beneficial not only to the plants but also to the soil”. “I have been gardening for some forty years, and how lucky am I that my passion is also my job. I couldn't think of anything else I would rather be doing
With a garden the size of ours I need products that are easy to use and trustworthy. Although I am offered many products I always come back to Organic Xtra and I always use Eco88s on the roses as Brenda Seabourne recommended it and it works well. For great results on our lawns Rex loves to use Eco88s. Read more about The Wickes Garden
Barb & Rex Wickes
The bottom line is, we care about soil, and that is a rare thing these days. We even include in selected soil purchases of 1 tonne or more a fantastic fertiliser, Organic Xtra from QLD Organics to help your plants flourish.We want you to get the best possible results from our UltraGROW range. Look for the fertiliser symbol next to your selected soil. Read more
I’ve used Organic Xtra for many years now on my own garden and at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mt Coot-tha where I plant up the vegie patch for my workshops. Our harvests are legendary! Using Organic Xtra has been a mainstay in these gardens for all that time and I can see evidence of increased soil fertility, strong plant growth and increased organic matter, all essential for WOW factor gardens.
My wife and I are avid Australian gardeners based in Brisbane and share what we think of gardening products by reviewing them on our blog.

We use 'Organic Xtra' and 'Eco88s', they contains all we need for our plants to stay healthy. We always have a bag handy, and it's not too expensive. When potting we always put a little bit in the pot and it certainly helps. For a great all round fertilizer with everything you cannot go past Eco88s, it is a bit more expensive, but you get more 'bang for your buck'. It's a local product made in Queensland so we should all support 'Aussie' made products. Read more
Edible School Gardens have been using Organic Xtra fertilizer since 2001 when I first starting teaching organic gardening to students in my edible school gardens program and also in my own home garden and at all the workshops I present. Read more
I’ve got to say that I’m rather proud of the grass on my footpath, it’s the lushest, darkest green and most weed free of any within quite a few blocks from what I have seen! The secret? I use Eco88s as a fertiliser just once a year and it has improved the lawn out of sight from what it was a few years ago. The grass is growing so thickly, weeds haven’t got a hope of poking their heads through. The added iron also helps give it the healthy, dark green colour. With rain about, this is the time to get it on. Also great for veggie gardens and fruit trees. Eco88s really is a one bag do all type of fertiliser. In Productive Gardens it's the only fertilser you need.
We grow a large variety of plants from all parts of the world and therefore need a good but varied growing environment. Our location provides part of the requirements but using Organic Xtra provides the “Just Right” nutrients for our plants without fear of burn or over feeding. See more at Talbot Lodge - Len and Sheryl Waite