Image - spring

What a glorious time to be in the great outdoors! Spring clean your garden & whip it into shape! Early Spring is our favourite time of year & the very best time of the year to nurture the garden with a good dose of rich, organic fertiliser. Get in & pull up those weeds before they burst forth with renewed vigour!

The secret to a fabulous garden is fabulous soil – alive with microbes, worms & other beneficial organisms. Organic Xtra will bring your soil to life. Scatter generous handfuls of Organic Xtra pellets throughout your garden, around the drip line of your trees & under mulch. Turn lightly into your soil and watch your gardens grow!

How’s the lawn looking? Reseed & returf any areas that are looking a bit sparse, or patchy. First use a metal rake to remove hard, thatchy bits, then dig in some Organic Xtra & water to revitalise the soil. Sprinkle with grass seed or fill patches with turf, then apply Eco88s to the whole lawn. Give the lawn a thorough soaking, then stand back and be proud as your prize lawn emerges – lush, thick & rich green!

Early Spring is a great time to plant some vegies. Organic Xtra is the safe, natural choice for your edibles & the added Sulphate of Potash is exactly what you need to produce abundant, nutrient rich crops. Visit our Home page and sign up to receive our Gardening Guide each month for advice, tips and organic inspiration!

How about a burst of colour to brighten your mood as well as the patch? Scatter the seeds of flowering Spring annuals throughout the garden and between the emerging vegies. Mixed with vegetables they attract bees & other insects that pollinate as well as beneficial insects that feed on aphids & other garden foe…and if you choose your flowers carefully you can grow species that are also edible! Look out for info on edible flowers in the November issue of our gardening guide.

How about your pot plants? All container-grown plants, indoor & outdoor, which have been in the same pot for several years, or that have outgrown their current pot, can be re-potted now. “Pot up” into slightly larger pots or trim the roots and replant into the old pot. Thoroughly mix Organic Xtra through a fresh batch of potting mix – your plants will love you for it! Potting mix quality varies greatly…remember…you get what you pay for. A wise potter invests in a quality potting mix & a quality fertiliser.

Prune to make way for fresh Spring growth. Plants that have already bloomed or have frost damage can be pruned to encourage new growth. Also remove old canes from perennials and grasses. Remove spent flowers regularly to bring on an abundance of new blooms. Fresh blooms and new growth bring a vitality, vigour & vibrancy to your garden that’ll make your neighbours green with envy!

Spruce up the garden, retard weeds and save water at the same time with a load of organic mulch. Remove weeds & encroaching grass from under trees and throughout garden beds and then spread mulch over exposed soil to a depth of about 5cm thick. The hot tip is to spread Organic Xtra under your mulch and revel in the knowledge that the next time it rains – you have some instant fertiliser action.

It doesn’t get more convenient than that!