Qld Organic Processes – Why Are They So Good?

Did you know…


We pay a premium for superior chook poo!

Believe it or not, not all chicken litter is ideal for composting. Qld Organics deals only with a small selection of local poultry farms, chosen for their excellent farming standards. We use chicken litter from broiler (meat chickens) farms, where the chickens range on a layer of sawdust.


Superior chicken litter has:

A LOWER MOISTURE LEVEL – In poorly maintained sheds, leaky drinkers cause large wet patches that increase odour & causes processing problems.

A LOWER SAWDUST LEVEL – While sawdust is a valuable source of organic carbon, too much sawdust dilutes the nutrient analysis & makes a poor quality pellet. A good farmer spreads a thin layer of sawdust on the floor of the shed and maintains excellent shed ventilation, keeping the floors dry & the odour down.

MULTI BATCH MANURE is always our first choice.

What is MULTI BATCH MANURE, you ask?

Multi-batch manure is when the farmer empties the manure out of the sheds after two or three batches of chickens (8 week cycle per batch). This results in a much higher ratio of manure to sawdust & a beautiful, friable, partially composted product with superior levels of nutrients to the single batch method.

This multi batch manure is then shipped to our composting site where it is placed into windrows and composted prior to processing at our Narangba facility.