Eco88(s) FAQ







What is Eco88(s)?

Eco88(s) is a general purpose fertiliser, in a granular form. It is a combination of organic and synthetic fertiliser ingredients including:

  • Poultry Manure Granules manufactured by Queensland Organics
  • Granulated Sulfate of Ammonia
  • DAP (Di-ammonium sulfate)
  • Sulfate of Potash
  • Iron Sulfate

How is it made?

We make a pellet and then break it up into smaller pieces. We then screen out anything smaller than 2mm and larger than 4mm, giving us the perfect granule size for blending with the other ingredients.

The synthetic component is delivered premixed to our specifications and loaded into a silo where it is then mixed with the granules. A custom built blending plant ensures blending accuracy and minimal product breakdown.

Why do you use Sulfate of Potash (SoP) instead of Muriate of Potash?

Muriad of Potash is a salt which causes damage to soil organisms. One of the main markets for Eco88(s) is golf courses and many Queensland golf courses stopped using Muriate of Potash because of rising salinity in their water. Although SoP is more expensive, we believe that people prefer an environmentally friendly product.

Is Eco88(s) certified organic?

No, it is more than 60% synthetic (chemical) fertilisers.

How long will Eco88(s) last?

There are many factors, such as rainfall, temperature, type of plant etc, that determine how long the release period will be.  In general we say 2 – 4 months, but if a plant looks hungry earlier then give it some more Eco88(s).

What is Eco88(s) suitable for?

Eco88(s) was originally formulated as a turf fertiliser, but the analysis makes it suitable for most plants. Rose growers are enjoying the impressive, vibrant colours achieved by using Eco88 . It is also showing great results on palms and as a general purpose garden fertiliser because the iron produces richer, deeper green foliage.

Is Eco88(s) OK on native plants?

When using on natives be careful to apply at the reduced application rate as indicated in the instructions on the bag. The relatively low phosphate does make it possible to use on natives at these reduced application rates.

Can Eco88(s) burn?

Yes. As the product contains sulfate of ammonia, we always recommend watering straight after fertilising with Eco88(s). This also prevents the ammonia from volatilising (turning to gas and being lost into the atmosphere).

Will Eco88(s) go through fertiliser spreaders?

Yes, Eco88(s) passes through all fertilizer spreaders, including the ‘Scott’s’ hand spreader.


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