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Baby Sun Rose

Botanical name: Aptenia cordifolia
Colour: Crimson or pink

The baby sun rose is a great ground cover on areas that are not walked upon. It will suppress weeds as it grows on top of itself forming a tight surface that does not let sun shine through.  It is ideal in coastal gardens as it tolerates sea spray and grows well in sandy soil.  It grows in full sun or semi-shade and can be planted underneath trees.  This plant is a great attractor for butterflies and bees, so if you are looking to attract wildlife baby sun rose is a great choice.  Baby sun rose is great for inexperienced gardeners and those that like low maintenance gardens.



Darwin’s Asian (mostly Vietnamese) agricultural market is worth over $ 77 million. Most of the vegetables such as snake beans, okra, sin qua/luffa, bottle gourds, hairy and bitter melons, are being sent to the Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne markets. Within reason, prices do not seem to matter as long as the quality is right – unlike other produce, second and third grade Asian vegetables don’t sell.
By increasing organic matter in the soil and ensuring nutrient availability in the correct form, Queensland Organics supplies fertiliser solutions to provide an important product range addition to the growers tool box. This allows them to achieve superior quality and shelf life for markets that are over 4000 km away.
Bed forming and fertiliser application will start from March onwards to avoid the heat and high rain fall in the Northern Territory.
Growers are using around 1200 kg of Organic Booster organic fertiliser per hectare under plastic mulch and T-tape irrigation.
In general the recent strong monsoon Darwinhas just endured will ensure a brilliant season ahead.



Tropical – Amaranthus, Begonia, Celosia, Cosmos, Dianthus, Portulaca, Salvia, Zinnia
Sub Tropical – Alyssum, Candytuft, Cornflower, Pansy, Marigold, Phlox, Petunia, Viola, Sunflower
Cool/Temperate – Alyssum, Marigold, Hollyhock, Poppy, Sweet Pea, Petunia, Pansy, Viola


Autumn is the best season to plant pretty much anything. The soil is still warm and often moist from the rains.  You can also smarten up patchy and worn lawns by re-sowing bare spots. Simply cultivate the bare soil with a light dose of Eco88’s raked in, sow a lawn repair mix and water in thoroughly.


March is an excellent time for planting a wide range of veggies. Planting now will mean you can make the most of the mild autumn conditions ahead. Renovate citrus trees now to encourage a bumper fruit crop.  Fertilise with Organic Xtra under the drip line of the tree. If leaves show yellowing, also apply a dose of Eco88’s and water in well.  Replant your herb garden in preparation for cooking winter stews and soups. Good all year herbs include rosemary, parsley, sage, thyme & mint.



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