Planting Passionfruit

The passionfruit vine is best grown from seed; however, it can be propagated from cuttings. It should be planted in full sun, a spot that gets at least 6 hours a day, with no trees or competitive roots.  Passionfruit thrive in subtropical and temperate regions.

Soil for Passionfruit

Prepare light, fine, deep, well-dug soil with organic matter, Organic Xtra will be your passionfruit’s best friend, so dig it through your soil as you prepare.  You can also add straw to retain warmth if you live in a cooler climate and scatter blood and bone around the hole.

Location for Growing Passionfruit

For passionfruit to thrive, provide a strong structure for the vine to climb on.  An ideal spot to grow a vine is along a wire fence, across a balcony, or over a pergola.  Also remember to give your vine space, one passionfruit can reach at least 2.5m across and several metres high, so bear that in mind if space is limited.

Watering Passionfruit

Passionfruit vines are heavy feeders and need plenty of water.  If the soil is dry, fruits may shrivel and fall prematurely, so water frequently for short periods during dry times.  Water is particularly vital when the vine is newly planted and when it’s flowering and forming fruit.

Pruning Passionfruit

Although passionfruit do not require special pruning techniques to produce fruit, they are often pruned to control their size and spread, and to allow sunlight to filter through the vine to help ripen fruit. Pruned vines also produce strong new growth, that in turn produces fruit. Established vines that have fruited and are growing well can be carefully pruned in spring, before flowering, to remove excessive growth and to avoid the huge tangle of stems that develop naturally. Follow a stem along carefully before you cut it to ensure you’re not removing a major branch. Later in the year, excessive summer growth can be tied back onto the trellis or support, or simply cut off wayward branches.

Harvesting Passionfruit

Leave the vine to climb in its first year, then pinch out the top bud to encourage lots of side shoots.  You can expect fruit about 18 months after planting.  Pick the fruit when the skins start to wrinkle.

Passionfruit adds amazing flavour to juices, salads and desserts!  Or simply slice and enjoy with a spoon!