Qld Organics are proud to be involved in many Local Community initiatives, often receiving letters of thanks from organisations for their generous contributions. From volunteering time and expertise, to donating product for local projects; for the team at Qld Organics, being part of a community is one of the most rewarding aspects of their work.

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Thank you for supporting the Gladstone Garden Festival

On behalf of the Civic Beautification Committee, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your support in this year's Garden Festival..

..Our entrants were thrilled to receive a free product just for entering...


Garden Festival Coordinator

Thank you for the monthly vouchers

Many thanks to Qld Organics for the continuing support of our club by your generous donation of fertiliser and vouchers (for our monthly meetings)

Maureen Hultgren
Darling Downs Rose Society

Leafmore Garden Society Winter Garden School

"Please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks to your Company for the kind donation of your bags of Organic Xtra and Eco88s for raffle prizes and samples to hand out at the Garden School...Theday was an outstanding success, resulting in $5000 being donated to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation and the local Toowoomba and DarlingDowns Group."

Val Peachy - Secretary
Leafmore Garden Society Inc

Educational Support

Post Graduate student Miles Johe approached Queensland Organics regarding a study he is carrying out that explores the predicting factors in organic consumer trends. As part of our commitment to supporting education, Qld Organics were happy to post a link to Miles' survey on the website to help him reach his target audience.

Donation of products

Certificate of Appreciation
“We Thank You for your generous donation of your products for our Spring Show”.

Margaret Labling President
North Star Orchid Circle Inc

Donation of products for raffle prizes

“I wish to thank your firm on behalf of the club at large for your generous donation of products for our monthly raffles.”

Rowena Margetts President
Aspley Garden Club Inc

Factory Tour

“We had the pleasure of touring your factory where we were given an informative and interesting talk about yourselves and your products.  We had a wonderful morning and we’d like to say thank you on behalf of the members of our club who attended and were especially grateful for the products that you gave to all the members”.

Judy Christie Secretary
Logan City Garden Club Inc

Donation of Fertilisers for the Rose Show

“Thank you for your on-going support for our society.  We really appreciate the effort you make in delivering the Organic Xtra and Eco88s to us in time for the show”.

Judith Hudson Secretary
Darling Downs Rose Society

Donations for competition prizes

“Thank you for your continuing support of the Albany Creek Garden Club Inc and our annual Garden Competition.  Our club very much appreciates your generous donation which was used in the prize pool for competition category winners and participants”.

Heather Knobel Hon Secretary
Albany Creek Garden Club Inc

Presentation at a Club Event

Certificate of Appreciation
In acknowledgement of your presentation on 3rd October 2013

Sandgate Garden Club

Sponsorship of the Horticulture Section of the Redcliffe Show

“The President and Committee of the Redcliffe Show Society extend their appreciation and thanks to you for your generous sponsorship for the Horticulture Section at the 2013 Redcliffe Show.  Knowing we have your support also gives great encouragement to the volunteer show stewards and workers who give freely of their time to promote horticultural pursuits within the regions”.

John Shepherd Head Steward
Horticulture Section, Redcliffe Show

Sponsorship of Rose Shows

"Thank you for your generous sponsorship for our Autumn Rose Show. We of the Queensland Rose Society Inc would like to take this opportunity to say how extremely grateful we are for your continued support with your valuable products, as without these our shows would not be as successful.”

Bevan Dance Secretary
The Queensland Rose Society Inc

Donating fertiliser for the grounds beautification program

“Thank you for your kind donation of organic fertiliser for our grounds beautification program.  Thanks to your generous donation the students are taking ownership of the gardens and have a new found pride in their school grounds.”

Scott Butcher A/Principal
Minibah State School

Donation of products for fundraising raffle prizes

“On behalf of everyone at Hear and Say – especially the children – I write to thank you so much for your very generous contribution to the raffle which was held at Barb and Rex Wickes Open Garden last weekend.  The organic fertilizers were extremely popular with ticket buyers.  We raised $1,400 for the wonderful work of Hear and Say – teaching deaf children to listen and speak.  Your support is hugely appreciated by the children of Hear and Say”.

Airlie Bell OAM
Hear and Say Foundation

On-going support through continuous donations of fertiliser

“The Friends of Queensland State Rose Garden in Newton Park, Toowooba Inc. thank you for your donation of fertiliser to the Toowoomba Regional Council to fertilize the roses in Newton Park.  The Rose Gardens have grown despite the long drought.  Without help and support from businesses like yourself this achievement would not be possible.  To show our appreciation to your company for supplying fertiliser over the years, a plaque with your name will be placed at the entrance to the Rose Gardens.”

Lorraine Schiller Secretary
Queensland’s State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba Inc

Rochdale Community Garden Donation of Fertiliser

“On behalf of Rochdale Community Garden I would like to thank you for your recent generous donation of fertiliser.  Your commitment to helping our organisation become established in the community is sincerely appreciated.  Being a not-for-profit community organisation in its infancy, we are very reliant on donations at this stage of our development”.

Liz Bundy - Secretary
Rochdale Community Garden